PHOTOS from December 2004

We went to the "shoe district" and began our search for the shoes the girls need.

With a little help from our volunteer translator, Claudia, Sister Julia Elysa is hard at work negotiating prices for the new shoes.

We found some cute "animal" shoes but Sister Julia Elysa chose to other shoes that were more practical.

We also purchased a large volume of over-the-counter drugs for various aliments the girls encounter.

Sister Julia Elysa felt that a television was needed to help provide some entertainment for the children.

Sister Julia Elysa is negotiating the price of the television.

Our group collected $612 in donations from some visiting American men. We had a fun day shopping for various items a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately our shopping trip was cut short due to mechanical problems with the orphanage's van. Therefore, we found a taxi and gave Sister Julia Elysa the balance of the remaining funds. Our distribution of funds is as follows:

Shoes 233,000 pesos ($ 100)
Television 539,000 pesos ($ 231)
Drugs 165,000 pesos ($ 71)
Remaining Balance given to Sister Julia Elysa 489,300 pesos ($ 210)