The Sept 2004 Eye Exam Visit

Dr. Rafael Vanegas Duarte is beginning the exam on one of the children.

A number of eye doctors at the clinic helped with the examinations.

A few eye drops.

Cristina (lower right) needs eye surgery. She will have to wait until we find funding.

The children were given balloons and lollipops after their exams.

The girls made new friends with the staff.

Sometimes they are shy.

The girls are enjoying a few of the simple toys which were brought down in suitcases.

The girls make new friends with our volunteer local translators.

Rough and unpaved roads shorten the lifespan of Jairo's wheelchair and its parts. This photo shows how the unpaved roads can destroy ball bearings and break bolts and axles.

Jairo's living room is the location for additional repairs on his wheelchair. In this photo we are cutting and shaping sheet metal to replace the fragile plastic side panels that fit under the arms of the chair.

In September 2004 we visited the orphanage and began sending all 70+ children to a modern eye clinic for two basic eye exams - vision correction and basic eye health. The administrator of the clinic, Yomaira Charris Riaza, was very helpful and she discounted the prices for exams (15,000 pesos) and glasses (40,000 pesos) to make it affordable. There was enough money ($1051) for the exams, eye drugs and shampoo, and glasses. The name and location of the clinic are:

Fundacio Oftamologica del Caribe (Sede Norte)
Calle 45 (Murillo) #10-05
363-0357, 363-1172

The results of the exams are as follows:

19 children need glasses
19 children need additional follow-up exams because of some abnormality that was detected
9 children needed eye drugs or a special shampoo for a specific condition
2 children need eye surgery

Unfortunately, there is no money for the additional follow-up exams or surgery. That will have to wait until we can find funding.

On another note, construction has begun on the boys' home. It is being significantly enlarged to handle the 17 boys currently at the orphanage.

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