The December 2003 Visit

The December 2003 visit will be remembered as the first trip to the dentist for some of the girls and boys. Unfortunately, little or no money had been spend on dental services and consequently many of the children had serious dental problems. Some had black and rotten teeth in their mouths. Some needed three teeth extracted. Dr. Fabian Moncayo Gracia generously offerred his dental services free of charge. However, we needed to collect money for the dental materials and drugs needed to treat the children. Fortunately we were able to gather the needed $2000 US Dollars for the 44 children with the worst problems. In addition, all the children now have toothbrushes, toothpaste and instructions on how to brush their teeth.

Unfortunately the planned pool party was rained-out. The Hotel Puerta del Sol had generously purchased all of the food for the pool party and it was taken to the orphanage the next day. Many thanks to the hotel and its management staff.

Dr. Fabian Moncayo Gracia donated his time to treat 44 new patients from the orphanage -
Many thanks to Dr. Moncayo

Some of the younger girls had fear to deal with

Some of the girls waiting for dental treatment

The girls have a few new pets to cuddle

We had some donate money remaining from the June 2003 visit so we spent it on new shoes

The shoes arrived in one big, heavy box

The girls are posing in front of the new Computer Lab - it will be functional as soon as a more sturdy door is purchased and installed

A group photo of some of the girls

The girls are proud of the new facade for the home

A group of "Christmas well-wishers"

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