Our orphanage is located in Barranquilla, Colombia, on the north coast of the country. As of December 2003 we have more than 75 children living in our two facilities (boys and girls). We are receiving new orphans on a weekly basis, many of whom have witnessed the torture and/or murder of their parents. Sadly, the civil war is creating an almost endless stream of new orphans and our ability to provide for them is limited. A refugee camp is located about an hour's walk from our facilities and we are now providing at least one meal per day for 350 children that live in this camp. Our resourses are strained to the limit.

We are constantly in need of assistance in our efforts to feed, clothe and provide medical assistance. Please consider a donation or sponsorship of one of the children. God bless you.

Jennifer Nieto is an ongoing project that we first got involved with in 2003. Jennifer had suffered from trama to her right leg which was going to cause a permanent curvature of her spine. Several organizations and individuals became involved, resulting in Jennifer traveling to the United States to seek medical treatment. Her leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. Jennifer comes from an extremely poor family, and still needs assistance with her leg and her education.

You may read more about the history of her by clicking the following links, Jennifer Nieto (English) or Jennifer Nieto (Espanol).

UPDATE 2016: Jennifer is now an adult, wife, and mother. Since she has reached her
full adult height it is no longer necessary to replace her artifical leg with longer/larger versions. She is doing well and we wish to thank all of those who were involved with her medical issue. THANK YOU.

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