October 2007 Visit

A group of visiting Americans donated more than $860 US Dollars to the home. The administrator, Mayor Alexis Lujan Ruiz, used the money to repair the plumbing in the showers and bathrooms, purchase medicine for the children and a variety of other uses. Many thanks to the donors for their generosity.

The men begin giving donations to the orphanage for the girls.

One of the little girls collecting donations with the
assistance of a police officer.

The administrator, Mayor Alexis Lujan Ruiz (far right), with several other police officers that work at the orphanage and some of the girls.

Some of the 70+ children currently at the home.

One of the young children at the orphanage
waiting for lunch.

These babies were probably abandoned. They are waiting for official decisions to be made by the justice system of Peru. Hopefully, they will be adopted. Often they sleep two to a crib because there are not enough cribs.

Several of the older girls at the orphanage.

This is a view of the orphanage from the street.

Below is the email from Mayor Lujan Ruiz detailing the use of the donations. More than 50% of the
money was used to repair plumbing problems in the showers and bathrooms.