October 2006 Visit - Page 1

A group of visiting Americans donated $820 US Dollars to the home. The administrator, Mayor Sifuentes, used the money to repair the clothes dryer and washing machine as well as buy additional medicine for the children. Many thanks to the donors for their generosity.

Mayor Sifuentes and some of the children in one of the dorm rooms.
Both of these babies were abandoned and found in cardboard boxes in the street. They sleep in the same crib because they have 16 babies and only 10 cribs.

One of the small children in the nursery.

One of the American visitors finds the children in the nursery adorable.

Mayor Sifuentes and some of the girls.

The children make friends quickly.

Some of the visitors and volunteers.

The children make new friends very quickly and enjoy the visits of people who care.

Some of the 70+ children currently at the home with Mayor Sifuentes.

click here to read the "Letter of Thanks" from Mayor Sifuentes