Centro Preventivo Del Niño y Adolescente
PNP Salamanca

Lima, Peru

Centro Preventivo Del Niño y Adolescente is the central location for abandoned and abused children in Peru. Here they are cared for and given love and affection while they await a judicial determination. Usually they are assigned to a specific orphanage within the country but some children are adopted.

This casa depends entirely on private donations to meet its needs. The only government help is the assignment of Peruvian police officers to work in the home. In fact, all of the adults / employees working in the casa are police officers.

When we visited the home in October 2004 they had 90 children residing in the facility. On the day of our visit, 20 of the children were at hospitals and health clinics for various medical reasons. We also found that the entire facility has only one refrigerator. It has a large industrial washing machines for the children's clothes. However, the motor had "died" and they were cleaning the clothes by hand.

The police officers actively search for children that have been abandoned. The make frequent nightly trips to various parts of Lima looking for children without adult supervision - basically children that are living on the streets. They also collect children that have been left at churchs and hospitals.